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5 Ways to Record Internal Audio on a Mac

5 Ways to Record Internal Audio on a Mac

If you hear something you like when watching a video on a Mac, you might like to capture it for future listening. While you can always do something clumsy like hold your phone up to your computer, there are better ways to go about the process.


How to capture internal audio on a Mac


Let’s take a look at 5 recording methods that you can record internal audio on a Mac with ease and save your recording for later usage.

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder


Movavi makes it easy to download and record computer audio on Mac. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Download and install the screen recorder from Movavi’s website. 
  2. Find the recording option on the sidebar to adjust the capture settings.
  3. Find where the webcam and microphone options are, and be sure they are deactivated.
  4. Record as you wish and save your audio recording.


Whatever your purpose for making recordings – whether it be boosting your company’s SEO, attracting more customers, or other goals – Movavi will make the audio part easy for you.. Your audio will remain exactly as you heard it the first time. 


2. Audacity


Audacity is a good choice for internal audio recording if you want to create audio that you can match to an existing video. It is known for having high-quality audio sound without a lot of interference.


To operate Audacity internal audio recording on Mac, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Audacity site and download the program.
  2. Launch the program and click on “record.”
  3. Press “stop” when you’re finished.


3. Quicktime


Quicktime is another program that is easy to download and record with, and is also of quite good quality. It allows you to record on-screen and also record internal sound.


This is how you can use Quicktime on your Mac:

  1. Download and launch the application.
  2. Click on “new audio recording.”
  3. Click on “record.”
  4. Save the file under a new name.


4. Vmaker


Vmaker is a good option for a recorder that allows you to create unlimited numbers of recordings. It also allows you to store your recordings on a cloud and share them as you wish. To make recordings with Vmaker:


  1. Download the app and enable your desired permissions.
  2. Enable the internal audio, and the microphone if you wish.
  3. Add your desired special effects.

5. Easy Audio Recorder Lite


Easy Audio Recorder Lite is a simple tool that will allow you to record audio from different sources at the same time. It is only for Mac users, and will retain the same quality sound that you record in.


To use Easy Audio Recorder Lite:

  1. Download the app and click on “Input Device.”
  2. Choose the audio source that you want to record from.
  3. Click on “Record” and then “Stop” when you are finished.

Choose the tool that best suits your purposes

Each of these internal audio recorders will do a good job at recording audio for you. To make the right choice, look through the options carefully and make sure your system is fully prepared to record. Keep in mind that to maintain the highest possible quality, you need to update frequently and keep your microphone input on the highest possible level. If you think your sound quality could be better, go back and adjust your settings.


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