Best beaches on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a major tourist destination in Massachusetts. Cape Cod has many beautiful beaches that attract many local and international tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod. Some of the Cape Cod divorce attorneys advises their clients from other states to spend a weekend at Cape Cod beaches with their spouses, to strengthen bonding among the couple. Cape Cod has 559.6 cost line that consists a 40 miles stretch of excellent sandy beaches to enjoy the vacation. Here is a list of 10 best beaches in Cape Cod:

  • Skaket Beach

Skaket Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cape Cod. Located at Cape Cod Bay, this particular beach offers a flat shore with Calm and warm water suitable for all beaches fun. During low tide, tide pools are exposed enable you to walk further to the seashore. During high tide, children can swim and play on the shoreline as lifeguard and parent look on. Remember, you have to come early as the parking lot is often close by 11 pm

  • Sandy Neck

The second best beach in Cape Cod is Sandy Neck. Situated in Barnstable this particular beach has 4700 acres of forest, marshes, and dune. Different types of animal life are Sandy Neck including piping plover bird. Piping plover bird is a rare and endangered bird. Therefore they are protected animals.  When you come to Sandy neck, you can enjoy a beautiful cottage and off-road trail.

  • Race Point Beach

Race point beach is very well known for its rough water suitable for Surfing. However, this particular beach also has shallow areas that allow the visitor to swim. If you don’t want to surf or swim, you can do sunbath or visit the Old Harbour Life-Saving Station that builds in the late 1800s.

  • Coast Guard Beach

Many visitors come to Coast Guard Beach to enjoy beautiful beach scenery and dune. Come to Coast Guard Beach and enjoy many interesting activities such as surfing, boogie boarding and more. To come to the beach, you can park in the Little Creek lot and ride a free shuttle available. Alternatively, you can ride a bike to get to the beach.

  • Ballston Beach

If you want to avoid crowded beach in Cape Cod, you need to come to Ballston Beach. Ballston beach is a beautiful beach that offers breathtaking scenery for all the visitors. The beauty of Ballston Beach has inspired American painter Edward Hopper to create his painting masterpiece

  • Cohoon Hollow Beach

Another popular beach in Cape Cod is Cohoon Hollow Beach. This beach is popular among youngster. The enjoy sunbathing surfing or enjoy a sip of drinks at The Beachcomber bar.

  • Craigsville Beach

Craigsville Beach is the best beaches for swimmer and sunbather. This particular beach is accessible for handicap.

  • Provincetown

This 30 miles beach offer many fun activities for all the visitors. After you swim at Herring Cove’s water or Race Point you can go to Princetown museum and pilgrimage monument. Additionally, you can visit the art shop and another commercial street boutique.

  • Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Swimming is not advisable as Chatham Lighthouse Beach has very strong currents. However, you can enjoy beach scenery with the fishing boat as well as migrating seal.

  • Nauset Beach

Located in Orleans, Nauset Beach has 10-mile long of beautiful beach that attracts many travelers. This particular beach provides a designated section for surfing as well as an off-road trail for those who love wild nature adventure.

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