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Best Nightlife on Cape Cod and How to Enjoy the Vibe

cape cod nightlife

Cape Cod may not be packed with all the hustle and bustle of the big city, but it has its own appeal and attraction. If you want to enjoy some nightlife activities, there are some places (and some activities) known for its unique and appealing attractions. So, what can you do for the best nightlife on Cape Cod?

Beachcomber Wellfleet Cape Cod

If you want to enjoy a relaxing time during dinner or lunch with a great view of the ocean, this would be the perfect place to go. The establishment offers fresh seafood options along with various kinds of cocktails. One of the specialties of the place is the outdoor bar. Imagine having a combination of a tasty meal and amazing view in front of you. Sounds like a dream, right? The menu is wide and various – they also have kids’ menus with fish and chips, grilled chips, and burgers. An ideal place for child support mediation.

Artfully Yours

If you want to spend the night getting busy creating something, consider coming to this place. You can take part in the art classes. No need to bring anything because they provide everything. You can tag along with your friends or your family – you will definitely have fun! This is one of the best nightlife on Cape Cod because it offers something unique – not merely about going to bars or having drinks. If you want to join the classes with your friends or families (especially kids), be sure to reserve in advance because the availability is pretty limited.

Post Office Cafe & Cabaret

Are you into cabaret show? This is your go-to place! If you are worried that your night activities will be boring and dull, just head to this cafe. They are offering night entertainment along with the late dining menu. If you want to, you can choose the outdoor patio for your fine dining experience. Basically, you have different kinds of options (so, it isn’t necessarily limited to eating or drinking only) when you come to this place.

The Atlantic House

It is mostly known as the A-House, a place that offers bars and clubs at the same time. If you want to enjoy a quiet and intimate atmosphere, go to the bar. It gives you time to enjoy yourself. If you want to go dancing or meeting new people, the club is offering a great vibe with live music. Whereas most clubs are offering only one or two special nights (with themes), this place is offering every day special themes! No wonder if it is included in the list of the best nightlife on Cape Cod.

Barnstable Comedy Club

Don’t be confused by the name because it isn’t about standup comedy club or comedy performance. It is actually a community theater where everyone can join. If you are into acting, performing, and such thing alike, you should come to this place. Of course, you can be the audience by enjoying the available performance. In short, you can be the performer or the audience – the choice is yours. In the end, there are so many options that you can have when coming to Cape Cod. Keep in mind that the place is pretty interesting in its own way.

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