Boat Owners Tips To Impress Your Guests

As boat owners, you probably spend your summer vacations enjoying the salt life. There’s nothing like guiding your own cruise boat into the sunset. They make some watercraft just for lounging on the blue waters and entertaining friends and family. Impress your guests with romantic views of the ocean as you escape the stresses of the actual world.

For some people, owning a boat can be frightening. However, if you follow these boat owners tips to impress your guests, entertainment will be a breeze.

Check Fluid Levels

If you’re taking the boat out for the first time, there’s one place on earth you don’t want to run out of gas at, and that’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s always a good idea to check all the fluids before departing the dock area. Look for leaks and breaks in hoses. Fix these repairs before venturing off into the wild blue yonder.

Boat Tool Kit

Boat owners should always prepare for the worse case scenario and have emergency supplies on board. The tool kit, at the very minimum, should contain new boat owner essentials such as Klein Tools, rope, snorkeling equipment, booster cables, maps, gorilla tape, and a hatchet.

Cleaning Detail

The boat is only as attractive as it is clean, and a clean environment is healthy. Before asking your guests on board, be sure to polish all the furniture and wipe down vinyl and leather with a damp cloth. Clean all the glass furnishings and mirrors. Empty trash and replace with fresh liners. Mop the floors and sanitize shower doors. Wipe away the odor in the bathroom by cleansing the toilets. Boat Butler, a boat preserving professional on Cape Cod, recommends that you detail your boat twice a season.

Stock the Refrigerator and Coolers

Having cold beverages on board is definitely a sign of a good time, but when there’s a variety, then you know someone was thinking outside the box. Besides drinks, boat owners want to think about meal prep. Make the menu light and simple. You don’t want to weigh everyone down with a heavy meal, but make sure everyone gets enough to eat and drink. Sandwiches, fruits, seafood, and veggies are still what the doctor ordered for a balanced meal even vegans could love.

Plan the Arrival to Your Destination

Being out on the water, there are certain measures you must take to ensure an enjoyable and safe cruise. Don’t be spontaneous and plan a route while out in the open waters. Plan the route prior to your departure. However, withholding the arrival destination from your guests would add mystery to your adventure.

Teach Your Guests Safety

Boating is no different from flying when it comes to safety. You want to first explain the boating rules to everyone before leaving the doc. Discuss what to do in case there are problems on the boat. Make sure guests know where you store the life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, sunscreen, flashlights, and first aid kits.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Game night has never been so much fun before. There’s always friendly competition around when you play board games, dominoes, and spades. Want to get off the boat? You and your guests can take on underwater football, snorkeling, water polo, and diving as water games.

The Charging Station

Of all the boat owners’ tips to impress your guests, this one has to be tops. Someone is going to forget their phone charger. Having the right accessories to accommodate almost any device is impressive!

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