Hidden-Gems on Cape Cod

Everybody knows that Cape Cod is a beautiful location on the east coast, but not everyone knows the best locations to visit while on Cape. Some are hidden gems, while others are local’s go-to favorite spots! 

One of the best-hidden gems to visit is the Pamet Area Trails which lead to the Bearberry Hill Eastern Summit. This hidden gem will lead you out to overlook Ballston beach in Truro, MA. It’s about a 45-minute hike, which totals 1.2 miles, and it does permit for dogs to be allowed on the trails. If you are looking to spend an afternoon walking on Cape Cod, we highly recommend this! Another great nature spot on Cape Cod would have to be Waquoit Bay in Mashpee, MA. Going to the Waquoit Bay Visitor Center to park, you can learn about the Cape Cod water system, and follow a few short trails around the area. In addition, they have multiple trail maps for other locations in the general area that are also apart of the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, such as South Cape Beach, Washburn Island, and Quashnet River. 

From hiking trails to beaches, there are still only a select amount of “local-favorites” that we think are worth the drive. For having a group get-together and bonfire, we would recommend Sandy Neck Beach, where you can drive your car on the beach and have a great beach bonfire. Farther down on Cape, there is the Cornhill Beach in Truro,  which is a great beach for families and even pet-owners since there are no dog restrictions. Then in Chatham, there is the Lighthouse beach, which has free parking and great waves, just beware of the strong currents!

Cape also has all different types of food, ranging from pizza places to Brazillian steakhouses, but we went ahead and made it easy for you by listing out some of the best to try out! In Hyannis, there is Palio’s Pizza, located right by a small high school, which has delicious Italian sandwiches and pizzas that are out of this world, and all for a great price! Hyannis also has the Brazillian Grill which has a very well decorated venue, topped with food that is unbelievably good. Finally in Falmouth, there is an incredible french bakery called Maison Villatte that will make bread so good you’ll think you’re in Paris!

If you have yet to visit Cape Cod or if you have been but never made it to any of these places then now is the time! The Cape is great not only in the summer but also in the other season’s because it has so many great things to do to keep you occupied.  

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