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How to sell your house in 5 days

While the real estate market is pretty much-making profits everywhere, it is still imperative that you make your listing stand out when you are planning to sell your property. One vital aspect of the real estate investing business will always be consistent: Your ability to sell your house. “Creativity is intelligence and having fun.”

Here are the different ways to boost your creativity and make your sale.

Traditional Old-School Methods

Newspapers and magazines, associating your property with a real estate agent, and putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign on your yard are all the conventional ways to sell your house. Does it work? Yes!

Are they efficient? No! Not always. Sometimes.

It still works. But you have two ways to do it The online world and offline. Would it be great to continue getting sellers almost every other day? As per the laws, you should take off any board having a sign of property selling within 14 days.

Find Comfort in Social Media

Almost half of the world’s population is consuming the benefits of social media platforms. Four hundred million new users have come online within the last 12 months. So it goes without saying that social media has great potential in helping you to find the best sellers. In addition, sharing the details of your properties on social media platforms would allow people to know about it. So if someone is looking at your post, make it worth their look.

To make the best use of it, you can build reward deals for the people who can bring a seller for you. Also, create an excellent rewarding policy for their benefit. For instance, in 2015, news aired wherein a couple awarded $1000 to the person whose social media directed the seller to their place.

Let Potential Candidates move in for the Weekend.

While it’s much easier on the mind if you know the folks who will be staying in your house, if you have a serious buyer who is undecided, an overnight stay could be just what they need to seal the deal.

House shifting is a popular trend, with people renting out their homes through the best vacation rental apps like Airbnb. Check their “responsible hosting” page for tips on how to host virtual strangers without causing problems. Let your realtor know about the plan so they can assist with their stay. The motto of doing everything is to sell your property, so make sure to give your visitor a great time.

Sell your property around Non-Conventional Holidays.

Here is how it could help you in marketing your house.

National Cheeseburger Day, September 18

Maybe a shop a few miles away from your place sells the best cheeseburgers in your locality. There you go! You have a unique marketing point without making it obvious for people to know.

Earth Day, April 22

Wouldn’t it be great to have a green cover around your house? Guess the buyers have the same thought. People die to look for areas with plants and trees. This is your chance to sell your home effortlessly.

According to a 2019 research by the National Association of Realtors, 59 percent of buyers are highly interested in sustainability or are moderately interested in it. So, in an e-blast or newspaper ad, promote your home’s green features, such as solar power, double-paned windows, LED lighting, and low-water plants. Also, don’t forget to brag about the cost savings on utilities that come with the land.

National Donut Day, June 5

Open your social media, get some aesthetically pleasing shots of your house and the nearby areas and show your followers that you have got the best view for the donut day. Make them realize how important it is to have a place with many nearby shops to hang out at.

National Origami Day, November 11

Distribute home fliers with instructions on how to fold a paper crane on the back. If your home has Japanese architectural elements or a landscape, it will add to your benefit.

Harness the Power of Networks

Interact with many real estate investors and build connections with their circle to explore recent trends in the market. It might include a clip of your house, photos in a way that people might find delightful, or anything. Try to work on any areas if needed.

Consult with various local property management firms. These individuals operate with dozens of eager investors and have a vast network of local contacts:

  1. Speak with your closing attorney and/or title firm. Find out if they know of any investors that are actively seeking new properties to invest in.
  2. Visit your local realtor’s office with a beverage and donuts. Tell their entire team that you’ll pay them a referral fee if they can send you any buyers leading to the sale.
  3. Build connections with other sellers in your locality.

Please make use of their links to get a seller for your property.

Video and Photographs go a long way.

The latest trend of selling your property would be to make a video and click photos of your property from an angle that looks pleasant. Lumen5 or InVideo work great for making videos of your place. Also, try making reels for your Instagram, short videos for Facebook, and accordingly for other digital platforms to give them reminders of your property.

If you provide something uncommon to people, bring the best of it—for instance, a modular kitchen, pool in the backyard, etc. Produce a listing on Zillow or Investor Carrot to present it to our social media handles.

Interact more with your long-lost friends who live in your surroundings. For example, distribute your details more often with people you see at bars or restaurants.

Don’t Forget the Basics.

There’s no better way to turn off potential buyers than to show them a messy, filthy home. If the owner doesn’t have time to clean or clear on their own, hiring a cleaning service should be the priority.

Houses that sell quickest (and for the most outstanding money) are bright, airy areas where purchasers may envision themselves living there. It is still possible to sell an unsightly furnished home, but make sure to clear out as much junk as possible.

Paint and wall art are a few things that bring a fundamental change in the view of your house. Paint the walls if they are not in good condition. So this is all you need to know about building strategies for selling your home.


Selling a house shows your creativity, and it is all about making strategies that work well for you. Never is any opportunity to make your move to sell your property. However, you should keep all your ears to determine if someone is looking to purchase at any meeting, get-together, party, etc.