How Long Does It Take To Install A Ductless Heating AC Unit?


When we talk about installing a ductless heating AC unit, the installing process it’s really up to how well you understand the procedure. If you get it installed by the professional, it might be done faster, but if you install it yourself, it might take a bit long. Before we approximately about how long will the process of the installment done to get your ductless heating AC unit working, here are steps on how to install the ductless heating AC unit on your own.

1. Find a good location on your interior wall to mount the Indoor AC unit

While trying to find a good location, find a spot that is far from direct sunlight or heat resources. You need to also avoid a place that could leak some gas or oil, as well as Sulfur. Make sure that the open space is big because the indoor AC unit needs at least 15cm of space and need to be mounted 2.13m above the ground. The location needs to be far from the antenna, power connecting lines, or anything that could produce electrical noises as it can cause a problem to your AC. Once you find the spot, be sure that the wall is strong to hold the AC weight. You may also provide a metal frame to make sure that it won’t fall off.

2. Put the mounting plate to the interior wall

Once you find the location, the next thing you need to do is to hold the mounting plate on the wall. Be sure that the plate is placed on a horizontally level. Once you are done, drill some holes into the wall to make the plate affixed to the wall. Now done with the hole, you should put the plastic anchors into the holes you made before. Tight the plate into the wall by tapping screws so it won’t fall.

3. Create a hole for the piping

Try to find a good spot to make the fit hole for the pipe. Be careful while doing this as you need to consider the length and the distance the pipe needs to travel to reach the outside unit. Usually, the hole needs to be 7.5cm in diameter and should slope downward to ensure the drainage and then put a flexible flange in the hole.

4. Check the electric connections

Now that you are done with the mounting plate, it’s time to check the electrical connection. Be sure all the cable wires are connected to terminals and match with the diagram of the unit. Once the checking is done, you can now connect the pipe to the hole you made earlier. The pipe is connected to make the water from the unit to drain in the right place. When it’s done, you can finally place the indoor unit on the mounting plate by pressing the unit on it. The next to do after putting the indoor unit is to build the outdoor unit outside.

5. Outdoor unit condenser

First of all lay concrete pad on the outdoor location you choose, then put the condenser on it and connect the electrical wires. Don’t forget to secure the pipes’ flare nuts to the condenser. Now that the condenser can work, it’s time to connect the vacuum pump to the service port. This vacuum can bleed the air from the refrigerant circuit. Don’t forget to cover the joints piping with insulating tape. To make the piping stay on the wall, affix it with the clamps you can also seal the hole on the wall with polyurethane foam.

With the steps of installment above, it takes one to two days to get your ductless heating and AC unit done. But depends on how good the person who build it, it might even take faster if you understand or professional technicians. Be sure to always ask if you don’t understand the protocol to minimize the dangers while installing the AC so that you will save more time and money for renovation.

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