Signs It May Be Time to Stop Driving


Getting old does not mean that you stop driving. There is no limit to drive a car. Once you can drive a car, you can drive it as long as you can drive. Somehow, there are some people who probably need to stop driving. In this case, you cannot drive your car temporarily or forever. There are some conditions or sign that may require you to stop driving. Otherwise, it can cause a car accident. You may not be eligible for Auto Insurance in certain cases, under certain medical conditions. This is the main reason why you may need to stop driving. What are the signs that make you stop driving?

When you have a bad medical condition that influences your driving ability

If you want to drive a car, then you must be in a good condition. It means that you do not have a bad medical condition that influences your ability to drive the car safely. Some of the medical conditions are impairment in mobility, vision, and memory. If you suffer from diabetes and arthritis, you must not drive a car because it makes you less attentive. Other diseases include vision loss, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, and etc.

When you take medication that influences your reaction time and response

Instead of a medical condition, taking medication that can cause a bad response or slow reaction time while driving also becomes the sign why you stop driving. When you are getting older and take some medication, it may influence the ability to drive securely. This medication may give some side effects to the users such as chest pain, anxiety, blurred vision, dizziness, and much more.

When you suffer from recognizable cognitive decline

Somehow, if you are already getting old, you may need to stop driving in which you may not be fit while driving anymore. For instance, since you are suffering from recognizable cognitive decline, you may feel confused when stopping on a traffic light. You forget the signal and just run when the light is red. If this happens to you, then it may be the time for you to stop driving.

When the road signs do not show clearly anymore

As you are getting older and older, your vision will be blurred, especially if you see small things or small signs on the road. If the local government does not upgrade the sign to make it clear for elderlies, any old drivers may need to stop driving because it may endanger other drivers. Not only elderlies, young people who have bad vision may also stop driving in this area.

When your car is not suitable for use anymore

If you have an old car that has fewer features, then you probably need to stop driving unless you replace the car with the new car. The standard modern car must have airbags, mirrors, rear view cameras, and seatbelt. You may replace the car with the new one or you may complete or equip it with additional features that you can find in today’s modern cars. Not only that, the engine is the most important part because your car will not run without the engine.

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