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Why do professionals leave Cape Cod?

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There is no doubt that Cape Cod is a beautiful place that offers beautiful scenery for both residents and tourists. The beauty of Cape Cod attracts many tourists, both from across the U.S and around the globe. Cape Cod is a major tourist destination in Massachusetts. However, there is a serious issue related to young people in Cape Cod. Although still there are many successful young entrepreneurs and professionals in Cape Cod, the latest research indicate that many young professionals are leaving Cape Cod.

Young Cape Coders aged between 25 and 44 years, moves to other cities for better career opportunities. From 2000 to 2010, the number of population aged between 25 to 44 years, has decreased by 26 percent. i.e. Cape Cod has lost more than a quarter of its youth population. When young people leave, the city becomes aged and looses its energy and vibrancy. The town is also unable to gain new ideas and revenue, brought by youth.

So, why is this happen? Why are many talented youths unable to get success in their hometown and decide to move to other cities? CCP (Cape Cod Young Professional) conduct a survey called Shape the Cape Code. Five thousand two hundred people aged between 25 and 44 years old involved in this survey. The data collected was sent and analyzed at Northeastern University. The data indicates that there two main reasons why many your entrepreneur and professional leaving Cape Code:

  • There is a housing problem.  Expensive housing prices force young people to move to other cities that offer affordable housing price.
  • Better career opportunity. Young people require a more stable job that provides a regular wage to support their life.

To solve chronic housing problems the CCYP propose Millennial Village Concept like in Boston. A Young worker who lives in a small apartment shares amenities like laundries facilities, exercise areas, and a shared lounge. This kind of housing concept provides many advantages such as providing the youth with a place to hang out and more affordable housing price. Also, Business Lounge Memberships are gaining popularity among the youths.

The Local Government has to play their role to provide affordable housing for the citizen. We all know that the housing problem is chronic and complicated problems. Therefore, all stakeholders have to sit together and try to find out the best solution for these housing problems.

To retain more youth stay in their hometown. The CCYP also propose an improvement in many different aspects like the availability of high-speed internet connection, improving local amenities and help the youth create a new business in Cape Cod. Helping youth to create a new business helps them to stand on their feet and retain them from moving to other cities. If they have enough resources to support their life, they will stay in their hometown.

However, many experts believe that Cape Cod’s condition has improved significantly. Many different business opportunities are available for young Cape Coder. Many things are going on for youth. They can join local mentor exchange program, local community movement and tons of events where all the youth are welcome to take part.

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